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The works record a passionate gesture and a chance encounter in a time and place where the unravelling of a new source of ideas creates a new opening and each opening a new beginning. The works seductive surface invite the viewer to return again and again to examine the very act of painting imagination without resolution image without text.

The immediacy of the work with vivid colours and direct mark making draw upon British abstraction,however the enhanced colours references toxic global warming,satellite imagery and surveillance photography with a recurring theme of nuclear war and global conflict evident in some titles e.g.Bikini, Return of the Fatman and Banger.

Here lies the real message the invitation to the viewer to move beyond the boundary of contructed realism and engage once again in the modernist ideal of a radical change.

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London based British artist Neil Weerdmeester's work celebrates the continued importance of painting while simoultaneously critiquing a contemporary society obsessed by instantaneous gratification and superficial communication.

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